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Monday, November 15, 2010


ROUND 2...     To all the teams of Patchwork promises.

Well done everyone for completing the first stage of Patchwork Promises. 
It is a very exciting time as the centres move on.  Many of you are waiting for the details of the next section...SO HERE THEY ARE

  • The next piece that is to be added to the centre of the quilt you have received is a border of 6 1/2 inches wide ( 16.5 cms) This is the size of the border before you stitch it on.  The measurement of the quilt with the border on will be 36 1/2 ( 92.75 cms) inches square. 

  • There are no restrictions to this piece. add what you think will enhance the piece, and add your own touch to it if you think it works. 
  •  All the centres should measure 24 1/2 inches square, but before you decide on your design it is a good idea to check this measurement.  
  • It is important to measure the quilt top you receive  through the centre to get the exact measurement, make the borders to this size. Do this both ways .This will ensure there is no disortation in the quilt. Ensure you top is square before you send it on. 

Please e mail me with any questions.

Please send a confirmation email to say that you have recieved these details.

Good Luck and keep up the great work, word is spreading. i have seen a few of the centres now and they are FANTASTIC!!!!

Nikki Foley

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  1. Thank you Nikki, I have now completed round 2 on the centre I received. It looks fabulous! I thought I would do it as soon as I received the centre so that I didn't have to worry about it in the run up to Christmas. Roll on round 3. Alison, Team Ireland.