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Saturday, February 5, 2011

Team Kenya

Hi all, i would now like to introduce the members from Team Kenya, their names are as follows:

Gretchen Sanders Mwaura
Martine Chamorel
Veena Sennik
Kunden Pattni
Rajminder Kalsi

Welcome to you all and i hope you are enjoying being part of Patchwork Promises.


  1. Looking forward to seeing and hearing more of the round robins. Chirp!

  2. A big welcome to Team Kenya from Mr T for the A Team of Australia, it is great to see all your smiling faces. Despite the floods, cyclones and now bush fires, the A Team is steadily working away and having a great time, can't wait for 2012 to roll around and see all the quilts together a the IQFOI. Cheers for now